No Regrets?

I’ve been trying to find a way to start this blog post for what feels like forever. I’ve written various first sentences, then deleted them. In reality, I think I only need to tell you this to show what’s grinding my gears: someone has a left shark tattoo.

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about I totally don’t blame you. Left shark refers to one of the dancers for Katy Perry’s Superbowl performance just last week who was apparently really crap. Someone has a tattoo of the shark before many people even know what ‘left shark’ means.



We seem to have a weird trend going on at the minute, where people are desperate to be the first person to commemorate stupid shit with a tattoo. Instead of thinking about how long a tattoo will hold for, these guys thinking about how quickly they can get it on Instagram instead. We now seem to have far more people than before who avoid classic tattoo designs or solid work in favour of the latest bullshit, and even less people thinking properly about how permanent a tattoo actually is.

Every journalist, researcher, or TV personality who doesn’t like tattooing loves to talk about the fact that tattoo removal has increased over the last few years. This isn’t anything to do with how bad tattooing is; it’s about how bad people are and how stupid they can be.

Buzzfeed has a list up at the moment of tattoos that will make you want to give up on 2015 already, which shows some of the most stupid things people have tattooed on themselves already. Before you say anything, I understand the irony in this, since Buzzfeed is full of crappy tattoos on any given day. Considering it’s only February and already Buzzfeed can make a whole list, I think I’m giving up on the whole decade, not just this year.

Tattoos are becoming a joke to many people. No one wants to get a beautiful piece of art anymore; they just want something funny that everyone will forget the meaning of next week. Funny tattoos can sometimes be cool, but too many people think they’re funny when they aren’t. If I told a shitty joke to a load of people, I can easily just back away from the conversation and pretend it didn’t happen. If I tattoo that joke onto my skin, I’m pretty much stuck with it. This is the same thing, really. We need to stop getting tattoos with the amount of instagram likes in the back of our heads, and we need to consider the fact that these tattoos are for life.

I’m not saying that you need to spend months carefully going over every tattoo in your head before you get it. I’m also not saying that every tattoo has to be super meaningful (we’re not on TV, you don’t need to pretend). All it takes is some common sense and a little consideration. Let’s stop getting shitty tattoos from last week’s news, and use our noggins instead, please.


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