Worst. Tattoos. Ever.

There’s always something quite charming about a group of people who are absolutely devoted to something fun and quirky. It’s even better when those people are more than happy to devote some of their own skin to it. The Simpsons Tattoos instagram page certainly shows this very well, with their collection of some of the best Simpsons tattoos out there.

We’re not just talking about the stereotypical 90s tattoo of Bart Simpson on someone’s arm- this page even shows some of those really obscure references that are borderline genius. There’s all your favourite characters and references memorised in tattoos here- most of which should bring a smile to your face!

What’s even better is that these are good tattoos- not just that they’re funny or cool, but they’re technically well done as well. It’s becoming rare to find collections online that cover good tattoos, so this is great. They’ll even tell you who did the tattoo whenever they can, which is something many people still leave out.

Here are some favourites from the page- click here for more!


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