FST: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, Part 3

Hey, look who’s back, bitches!

I know I haven’t updated for a long time [reason here], but I was sent something today that made me think about tattooing in a way that I haven’t thought about for a long time, and I had to share it and write about it. I have another couple of things I’ve been sent over the last couple of days, so you might see a little more of me for a bit!

The new Frith Street documentary is out, and it follows on brilliantly from the last two, which you can read about here and here. This one talks about so many cool things, mostly about those who have influenced the art that comes out of the shop. You can see why this is called ‘Standing on the Shoulders of Giants’, because it focuses so much on those influences. It’s a bit of a ‘who’s who’ in some ways, but it’s not just about name-dropping- everyone in this talks about how to take from that inspiring work in such a positive way.

I think it’s easy to say to a new tattooer how they’ve taken something from one tattooer or something else from another, and make them feel kind of shitty about it, or lecture people about copying from anyone else’s work. Instead, everyone stays away from these ideas and talks about how their work is so inspired by other people, because the older tattooers are the ones that really made tattooing what it is. There’s a lot of respect Frith Street has for tattooing’s best artists, which is really great to see, especially when there are still so many shithead tattooers who think they’re God’s gift.

I’ve watched a lot of interviews with tattooers that are, to be completely honest, boring. It doesn’t matter what you do for a living, people can only listen to you talk about work for a certain amount of time. With this documentary (and its two previous parts), I’ve never been bored watching it. I love it when people talk about tattooing in a really positive and motivated way, and this does it well. You definitely need to see this.

Thank you very much to Stewart Robson for sending this over. You can see Part 3 by going to his website, here.


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