London Tattoo Convention 2015: News

One of the other things this week that I totally needed to write about is the London Tattoo Convention. Honestly, you wait ages for something that makes you want to write again, and then three things come at once. When the press release for this dropped into my inbox, I knew I’d be putting this on the site.

This will be the 11th London Tattoo Convention, and I know it’s said a lot but this really is the one and only convention you need to go to in London. Highlights for this year will be first and foremost the tattooers, as per usual. The press release mentions the big TV names that you can get excited about, such as Tim Hendricks and Phil Kyle, but since this is such a prestigious event it’s guaranteed that every tattooer under the roof will be outstanding. I’ve always considered an invite to the London show to be something you get when you’ve made it.

Another thing to get pumped up about is Don Ed Hardy’s exhibit, which will be the first time his artwork has been exhibited at a tattoo convention. It’s weird to think that a convention has never shown this before, but I think that perhaps Mr Hardy was waiting for the right show to do this rather than looking for someone who’ll exhibit it. The show is called ‘Multiple Hardy Marks’, and spans across decades. It’ll be something truly special to see, so you’ll be lucky if you get the chance to go and see it.

There’s other things such as the Fuel Girls and Miss Pinup UK, which is pretty cool but not really my thing- if you’re into it then I think you’ll love it, though. If you’re not, you’ll probably be happy to hear there’ll be a lot of great live music for entertainment as well, so once everyone has packed up tattooing for the day you’ll still have plenty to do.

You can see more about this year’s show by clicking here. Advance tickets, priced at £20 for Friday, £30 for Saturday, £25 for Sunday or £60 for a weekend pass, are available to purchase via Admission for visitors under 14 is free, provided they are accompanied by an adult.

Big thanks for Roland for sending this over.



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