Ephemeral: 2016’s Erasable Ink

Every so often, I see a story about some new tattoo inks or techniques that can make a new tattoo easily removable. It looks as though everyone seems to be giving it a go, and new technologies keep coming out that can prevent the ‘regrettable tattoo’. The newest addition to the bunch comes from a team of students at NYU, who have developed a new kind of ink that can be ‘erased’ after it’s been done. From Refinery29:

Instead of plunking down major coin (and enduring serious pain) to have your ex’s name faded by a laser, those marked with erasable ink, dubbed Ephemeral, would simply have to revisit the tattoo shop, get a topical solution applied to the design, and bam, it’s gone, girl. Don’t like a tiny aspect of an otherwise perfect design? That portion can be erased and redrawn.

I can completely understand why some people would consider this as an option before getting a tattoo, however I think that it takes the point away a little bit. One of the things that makes a tattoo quite special is its permanence, in my opinion. If you have the balls to put something on your skin for life, you’re a lot more likely to have thought about the decision in the first place, and have taken the time to find something that’s really cool to you. Obviously there are bad tattoos out there, or some that you might end up getting covered up for other reasons, but can you imagine how much more likely it would be if they weren’t permanent?

The one thing I always wonder with projects like this is whether the people making these inks is actually confident that they can get enough people to use them. I can imagine there being a push back from many tattooers who may think this devalues their craft, which is completely understandable. I would love to know how many tattooers out there would actually use this kind of ink (comments below!).

In the meantime, as far as Ephemeral goes, this could end up being a widely used ink or it could add itself to the ever-growing pile of products just like it. Um… watch this space?

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