The ‘New Tramp Stamp’?

Rob Rutherford posted something up to his Instagram page the other day that has got me thinking. In the post, he talks about how girls with sternum tattoos are being told all too often that their tattoos are the ‘new tramp stamp’, and how this is absolute bullshit.


I couldn’t agree more with this, and I think it should be shared a million times over (damn Insta, how come you don’t have a re-post button?). I’m the first one to be a bit sceptical when it comes to anyone allegedly being ‘shamed’ online, but I have to agree that this is all just bullshit. Not once did a girl ever go into a tattoo shop, get a lower back or sternum tattoo, and come out of the shop a totally different person. It’s a fucking picture on your skin; how does this make anyone a slut?

To be honest, if someone said to me these were the new tramp stamps in the sense that they’re really popular at the moment, I’d be fine with that. I’m talking about the way this is being used to imply that these girls are ‘sluts’. It’s such a shame that someone can get grief for something as simple as getting a tattoo that they like, and it can really hurt tattooing as a whole, potentially. How’s about we nip this in the bud while we can?  I wrote about a similar kind of thing back in 2014- well, I ranted about it, and it’s sad to see this issue isn’t something that may go away.

Huge props for Rob and his post- I’d encourage you to give his Instagram profile a follow, and share his post if you agree!


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