Filip Leu: Interview with Kintaro Publishing

Before I re-started the blog as North Rose, I had a really special job I had to do for Kintaro Publishing a couple of months ago, doing some press release/website work. The legendary Filip Leu had some amazing prints that he’s shared with the company to sell as a very limited run, of some beautiful skulls. These prints are actually still on sale, and they’re beautiful! You can check them out here. Filip and the guys at Kintaro released them at the Paris tattoo convention, which looked like an insane amount of fun.


Following on from this, Kintaro published online a video interview with Filip, where he talks about how he put together these prints (showing a real amount of patience and discipline in his art), as well as talking about his work and life. Filip spends some time comparing tattooing to comic book art and public performances, which is interesting to listen to, and it’s great to see he’s still humble when talking about his work despite being known as one of the best tattooers in the world.

You can see the interview below, and once again here’s the link for Filip’s page on Kintato Publishing.


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