Look at this: Tomás García

While I was checking out what to do for my holiday in Barcelona this year, I thought to myself, ‘I wonder if any of the tattoo shops I like are around the city’. I’m really glad I did, as I remembered that LTW is there, and it’s a really cool shop. I was taking a look at some of the tattooers’ work there, and I had to share some of the work I found. A tattooer there called Tomás García works there, and his work is amazing. I know I’ve definitely seen his work before, but I’d never seen the kind of stuff he’s doing at the minute. Tomás has a great style going on right now, where he’s been using patterns to put together key parts of the tattoo. Using patterns isn’t exactly ground-breaking, but the way he’s doing it is really great and I can’t say that I’ve seen something like this done so well before.

You can see some examples below, but I’d really recommend checking out all of Tomás’ work here. It’s awesome to see someone still being innovative, especially with traditional work.


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