For Sale: Midnight Dragon Tattoo Studio

Jim Gallagher is about to relocate to a new smaller studio, which sounds just great! Whenever someone has a new shop like this, you can’t help but wonder sometimes what happens to the old one. In this instance, Jim is selling the shop, which could be yours if you’re a tattooer looking to relocate or open up your first studio! The shop has a listing, which you can see here, on McEwan Fraser Legal’s website. Alongside some lovely photos of the shop is a small description too, part of which is below:

The premises, which are over three floors, are currently operating as a successful tattoo parlour. A welcoming hallway on the ground floor level has a set of stairs that lead onto a further spacious hallway on the first floor level – On this level you have a studio and an open plan reception room/waiting area with useful storage space. Adjacent to the entrance of the reception room/waiting area, another set of stairs lead to the second floor where you will find a further three spacious rooms and a cloakroom. This zone could be partitioned off and a separate ‘work space’ or ‘living arrangement’ as you do not need to enter the rooms on the first floor level to get access to the second floor.

Realistically, this shop could be turned into anything, but it would be so great to see it stay as a tattoo shop. It’s the perfect space to live and tattoo in, and with three floors you can invite plenty of other great tattooers to come and work with you!

If you’re interested, once again you can check this out here. Check out those pictures- you can’t imagine this as anything but a tattoo shop!


[Header image (C) McEwan Fraser Legal]


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