Shop Watch: The Crystal Ship

There’s a new(ish) tattoo shop in Walsall called The Crystal Ship, who have been in touch to show off some of their work. I really love hearing from tattooers who are doing their own thing and are proud enough to want to show it off! Charlie Webster is the lead artist, and he’s really focused not just on his work, but on the environment that he’s set up in his shop. Everyone wants great tattoo work, but it’s even better when you get to go somewhere really nice and have a team focused on their clients. Let’s be honest, it’s a little bittersweet when you hear someone say “that’s a really cool tattoo!” and the person who has it ends up saying “yeah I was stuck with this dickhead for hours when he did it but it’s worth it”!

Charlie has really went all out to show his clients how much he cares about them and is grateful for them, by building an indoor Japanese garden in the waiting room to make the shop a tranquil environment. This sounds brilliant for those who are getting tattooed for the first time (who might appreciate a small distraction!) or even those ‘tattoo tourists’ who see a shop as being just as important as the work being produced.

As far as the work goes, you can see a couple of images from Charlie and Shirin at the shop below, and you can see their work is great. They seem happy to do anything their clients want, and won’t shy away from the odd coverup or re-work. You can see more of their work and the shop by clicking here.


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