Matt Adamson: Tattoo Talk

If you look at people in a particular trade, you’ll sometimes notice that they’re not a great advertisement for what they do. Sometimes you’ll see hairdressers with messy hair, or you’ll see cleaners with chaotic houses- these guys are spending so much time on providing a service for people all day so they kind of forget about themselves. This isn’t a criticism; it’s totally understandable. I’ve noticed this with tattooeres, too, from time to time. I know quite a few tattooers who have some really bad tattoos, for various different reasons! As a result, it’s sometimes really nice to see a tattooer whose tattoos are all great!

If you check out the new issue of Mammoth Magazine, you’ll see this with tattooer Matt Adamson, who has shared some pictures and stories for some of his tattoos. When I say stories, I don’t mean it in a serious way, as this isn’t a fake TV show and you don’t need your dog to die before you’re allowed a tattoo in tribute. Matt has some really lovely tattoos, so it’s worth a read!

You can check this all out by clicking here to read the magazine. A lot of this is just tits, so if you’re not interested the page you’re after is 58. 😉 I actually worked on the desk when Matt was tattooing in Newcastle, and he was a really lovely guy, so it’s great to see him doing very well in his new home of Essex (and still getting amazing tattoos!).


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