Vice: Tattooing Inside an Abandoned Bunker

While most tattooers chose the regular shop layout to do their work in, there will always be those who want to do things differently. Keq Marku is no different, especially as his place of work is a bunker in Albania.

As part of the country’s ‘Bunkerisation Project’ between  1967–1986, bunkers were built all over the city, supposedly to protect the people living there. They were mostly used for fear, though, to show the people that there was always an enemy ready to attack, and ultimately they were all abandoned during the end of the Communist rule.

Keq, after living in a few different countries and learning how to tattoo in prison, bought some land that just happened to have a bunker on it. Rather than tearing it down or sold for scrap, Keq created a little tattoo shop inside of it, that he now works in.

This video is really interesting, and shows a completely fresh perspective on some things you may not have even thought about before. While Keq’s methods are a little unconventional to say the least, and his work isn’t exactly mind-blowing, he shows that a tattoo doesn’t have to be technically brilliant for it to have cultural value.

I really enjoyed watching this and I hope you do too. You can click here to see it on Vice’s website, or below on their YouTube Channel.


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