Great Shop: Out of Step, Berlin

I absolutely love Berlin; it’s one of my favourite cities. Naturally, I couldn’t help but look up some of the best tattoo shops there, and found an absolute gem in Out of Step.

This shop deals mostly with traditional tattoos, and has some amazing tattooers, in Marcos Ortage, Gak Nigallo (sorry if this name is wrong I did a lot of googling!), and Cobe Edge. It’s always great to see a shop where every tattooer in there is putting out solid work, though unfortunately this isn’t always common. With Out of Step, though, you’re pretty much guaranteed a great tattoo. Everything is clean and will last forever, and there are some fantastic tattooers popping by for guest spots as well!

I’ve shared below some of my favourite photos from the Out of Step team, but you should click here to see more on Facebook, and here for their blog.

Please also check out the tattooers’ instagram pages below!

Marcos Ortega

Gak Nigallo

Cobe Edge



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