Hello Again!

Hi everyone,

Well, I’m back. Apologies for the last few years!

When this blog started, it was Tattoosday UK, and tattooing was very busy. There were loads of great tattooers, but there were also quite a few bad ones. As someone who was also quite new to it all, my blog had a lot of news stories and the odd feature, but it also served a purpose for those like me, who were looking for information and advice more than anything.

You can only do that for a few years before it gets stale.

Tattooing doesn’t seem as busy or watered down now, despite still growing in popularity – I can definitely see the difference the last few years has made. So, with that being said (and after being a little inspired to come back to it all by Martin McIver and Perry Rule, who are the best dudes), I think that it’s time to come back to this blog.

Please bear with me while I find my feet again, and expect something new these days! I really hope that you like it all – some things will be familiar, but others should give a fresh new take on it all.

Thanks for your continued support – I hope you like the new shit!

Mel Noir x