The Paul Sayce Interviews: Parts 1 and 2 Available Now!

If there’s anyone who knows tattooing, it’s definitely Paul Sayce. Quite a while ago I mentioned here that Paul’s new films were coming out, and they’re finally here!

Paul has interviewed many amazing tattooers for this film, including George Bone, Lal Hardy, and Dave Heap. These interviews are completely unedited and really honest, all focusing on how tattooing was ‘back in the day’ (you can also play a great drinking game around how many times that phrase is used!). Jokes aside though, these interviews give such a great insight into how tattooing used to be; before the internet, before TV shows, and before the publicity that tattooing has thrived in.

One interview I personally loved was Paul’s interview with Ossie Jobson. Ossie’s shop was the first tattoo shop I actually ever stepped foot in, and it’s great to see that he’s still going strong in his shop.

It’s really great to see tattooers being interviewed who don’t want to put on a show, or have any kind of pretentious attitude over their craft. You don’t really get that on the telly much, so I’m grateful for Paul showing a true reflection of tattooing instead!

You can see the interviews by visiting Vimeo, here, or if you’d prefer a physical copy please order here.


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