Liverpool Convention UK Tattoo Awards : Vote Ends on Friday!

The Liverpool Tattoo Convention is about to put on its 10th show! This is pretty exciting stuff, and I will post up something about that soon, but for now here’s a small post to let you know / remind you that you have until Friday to vote for your favourite tattooers in the UK Tattoo Awards.

These awards have changed a fair amount in the last ten years, and is a lot more simple these days with only three categories:




In the past, the winners were decided on by a vote, which has its advantages, but personally I saw it as a bit of a popularity contest. There are some very good reasons why many tattooers are well known, but there are the odd ones who aren’t as great as their following implies, let’s be honest. This year, the winners will be decided on by these three guys (photos from here):

Nigel Kurt
Lal Hardy
Danny Harkin

If you want to vote, please make sure that you visit the convention’s page here (and maybe mute the tab as it auto-plays a video!). The winners will be announced at the convention, on the 5th of May!

Keep an eye out on the blog for more news on the Liverpool Tattoo Convention soon.


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