The Kintaro Kite Project

Kintaro Publishing has changed a little over the last few years, but it’s always for the better. While they initially published mostly books, they’re now constantly adding to their collection of prints from some of the best tattooers in the world. In fact, our last post here about Kintaro was for Filip Leu’s skull prints, which were absolutely amazing. The guys have just launched their newest project, which opened last month. For this project, they’ve asked tattooers to make a unique Japanese kite piece. From their blog:


In 2011 Kintaro Publishing emerged as independent publisher of art books and high quality prints and has become a platform for creative talents.

Because there is an increasing interest in the art forms that we represent, we have initiated the #KintaroKiteProject where a select group of artists express their creativity and vision on a Japanese kite by making a unique piece.


Officially, this project opened at the Paris Tattoo Convention, and was loved so much that it’ll also be toured at the London and Brussels shows too. If you’re going to those conventions, make sure you check out this project! The below image from the website should give you an idea of the great things you can expect!



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