This Weekend: The Big North Tattoo Show

This weekend, we’ll see the first tattoo convention in Newcastle in 25 years. The Big North Tattoo Show is finally here this week, and I couldn’t be more excited!

Newcastle has a rich tattoo culture, so it makes sense to have a convention here again. So many people here have tattoos, or are at the very least interested in them! As someone who lives in the city, it’s actually noticeable when I go anywhere else and become the ‘tattooed person’ – I’m definitely not used to that since I live here. There are many amazing tattooers who are based in Newcastle, so it’ll be great to see them show off their work alongside many other artists who are just as great. The convention will take place at the Metro Radio Arena, which is absolutely massive, and will house almost 300 tattooers over Saturday and Sunday.

You can see the artist list here – if you’re lucky some might still have spaces so it’s worth heading over to their booths if you’re interested. I’ll also be there, so if you see a North Rose logo anywhere feel free to say hello! There’ll be something for everyone, as the entertainment will be spot on – there’s loads of space for the guys at Total Tattoo and Tattoo.TV, who are organising this, to play with. You can even have a good look at some Harleys and enter Sunday’s beard competition if you want!

The tickets are on sale now, and are a great price. You can pay on the door, but to be honest we’ve had things like this before at the arena that ended up in massive queues (if you went to Newcastle Comic Con’s first show you’ll know what I mean), so I recommend buying a ticket first. You can do that by clicking here, and the prices and opening times are below.

On the door prices:

Either Day Convention Ticket £15.00
Weekend Convention Ticket £25.00

Advanced prices:
Either Day Convention Ticket £12.00
Weekend Convention Ticket £21.00


Saturday Opening Times
Open: 11.00am (advanced)
Open: 11.30am (general)
Close: 10.00pm

Sunday Opening Times
Open: 11.00am (advanced)
Open: 11.30am (general)
Close: 08.00pm



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