In Photos: The Big North Tattoo Show

Over the last weekend, Newcastle saw its first convention in 25 years! Great! I went along to the Big North Tattoo Show, hosted by Total Tattoo and, and I couldn’t say enough how much fun this convention was.

The convention was located in the Metro Radio Arena, which is absolutely massive – there were nearly 300 tattooers there, and they were all talented guys – sometimes a good show is dampened a little by there being tattooers there who aren’t actually too good, but this one had such a high standard of quality. I won’t lie, it did mean that some areas would be a little bit cramped from time to time, but no more than any other convention.

I’m not going to patronise you by basically describing what a tattoo convention is like, so instead I’ll point out some of the things that made it really cool. First off, the competition had a rotating screen that could show everyone what each tattoo looks like! Imagine a tattoo competition where you don’t need to squint (or give up if you’re short!) to see the actual tattoos!

Another cool thing was what the guys did with the space they had available – rather than keep everything on the main stage and annoy everyone all day with too much noise, the foyer was used a lot for bands and stage shows. I know a lot of people who complain about there being too much noise at conventions, and they were clearly listened to, which is really cool.

Sorry to be a nerd, but I have to say the organisation of the whole show was really fab too. The whole convention was really professional and well-organised. Staff were all really friendly, a map of the tattooers was really helpful, and the crew worked really hard to make sure everyone was happy.

I think that next year it would be really cool if some more international artists came over for this show, and hopefully after this first one they’ll want to make the trip! I’m sorry, but I also think it would be really cool if there were no didgeridoos next year. 😛

Anyway you probably don’t care what I think so here are some photos! Thank you to everyone who let me take their photo – thanks especially to Martin who dropped his trousers to show me his cool Star Wars leg (more on that very soon but you can see a sneak preview below!). As always, hover over the picture to see the name of the artist:


Also sorry Gav but I couldn’t get a half-decent photo of my own leg, so I’m stealing your photo!

(C) Gav Lyons



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