Skin Motion is Weird

Over the last week a lot of news outlets have been talking about a new company called Skin Motion. Skin Motion is basically an app that can play a sound bite from a specially made tattoo. You can see a cringeworthy advert below:

There are so many reasons why this is a bad idea; most of which you’re probably expecting me to write about. To be honest, though, I don’t want to be that predictable.

Of course it’s dumb. Of course it shits all over tattooing as an art form. Of course this is something trying to capitalise upon and perhaps even gentrify a craft that’s been passed down for thousands of years. Honestly, though, Joe Bloggs is still going to get a dumb shit tattoo like this; he doesn’t care.

My real reason to hate this? Tap Tap Revenge.

Tap Tap Revenge was this amazing game on iOS that used to be the best game ever you could play on a mobile device. This was back in the iPhone 3 days, when it was really cool to have a smart phone. It was basically Guitar Hero for your phone, before Guitar Hero inevitably became a mobile game (because of course it did). Tap Tap Revenge, and its three sequels, were some of my favourite mobile games, and I’m not even ashamed to admit it.

If you try to play this game now (maybe you still have an old release in your “previously downloaded” folder on the app store), you can’t get past the main title screen. All that shit was stored online, and once the company went bust (or stopped updating the game and moved on), all the data went with it. You just can’t play.

With this in mind, I can’t help but wonder what is going to happen when Skin Motion gives up the ghost, and even when that might be. Once all those sound bites don’t have a server to sit on anymore, aren’t you going to just have a shit looking tattoo? When some idiot on the street asks you what your tattoos mean (though I don’t think you need to justify your choices to strangers, ever), if you choose to tell them aren’t you going to feel like a bit of a mug?

I’ve noticed that Skin Motion actually licenses tattooers to actually carry out the work needed for this, too. Does anyone else think this is weird? I wonder if perhaps they’re forced to be the people who actually explain to customers that there’s absolutely no way this will always work if your tattoo or skin changes, or maybe they’re given special consent forms that have been approved by twenty lawyers.

This seems like a really dumb trend. Just get a big eagle instead.

Damn I miss Tap Tap Revenge.


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