Lal Hardy – Tattoo: An Illustrated Miscellany

Lal Hardy has a new book out now, based on Tattoo’s rich and colourful (mind the pun) history. This new book is a little different to the ones he’s published before, as it’s all around tattooers in the past rather than the present – his previous books were full of work by his friends and famous tattooers. You should also buy those if you don’t have them already as they’re great books to have around, but this one looks like it’s a little bit more special than the others.

Lal is well-known for having an extensive knowledge of tattooing’s history, especially of tattooing in the UK. If you watch pretty much any documentary or interview around this subject, you’re around 75% likely to see Lal – he’s one of those people whose brains you’d love to have a bit of a walk around, because he knows so much. This is as good as you’re going to get, of course.

Here’s an Amazon description that should show you how good this book is:

With a wealth of previously unpublished photographs, details and anecdotes, Tattoo preserves many unique and valuable items of tattoo culture, including:

· Historical stencils and flash
· Customised machines, traditional hand-tools and animal-marking equipment
· Collector’s cards, bubblegum cards and transfers
· Memorabilia and tributes relating to tattoo legends such as George Burchett and The Great Omi
· Postcards, toys, ornaments, T-shirts and other merchandise
· Supply catalogues, magazines, books and art
· Rare ephemera – awards, badges, business cards, convention passes, postage stamps and hand-drawn signs

You can buy this through Amazon and Amazon Kindle, but honestly I don’t know why you’d want anything other than a physical copy of this book. This book is basically a museum in print form, and is far cheaper than actually travelling to a tattoo museum or exhibition for most of us! Make sure you buy it, here!



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