Little Andy: Diary Open May 20th

I need to talk to you all about this amazing tattooer who you’ve probably already heard (I’m gonna do it anyway). Little Andy has been putting out this solid work for a little while now, and he’s really killing it. Everything he does is in his own colourful surrealist style, and honestly it gets better every day. Case in point: I’d saved some of the below images a while ago to WordPress as soon as I wanted to put up a post about his work, and already I’m adding to this because he’s uploading even better work as I’m typing this.

If you get a tattoo by Little Andy, you know it’s by him. Everything is really solid though; he’s one of those guys who’s doing his own thing but he’s actually doing it really well.

Little Andy’s diary will be opening in a few days time (20th) – you’ll need to keep an eye out on his Instagram page for details as I’m sure he’ll post about it there. He’s normally booked up pretty solid, so you’ll need to be quick, but honestly you need to get right on this. I could go on for ages about why, but his work speaks for itself, so here are some images below.

Click here for Little Andy’s Instagram page to see more work!



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