Stop Trying to Make Helix Tattoos a Thing

Ok, a bit of a disclaimer on this one – I really don’t want to shit on any tattooer who’s done a helix tattoo. They might have actually been good guys who’ve spoken to their clients about whether this tattoo will last and still look good after a certain amount of time, and have their own reasons for tattooing these, so let’s not dump on anyone here guys.

Did you know that your ears never stop growing? I don’t know if I’m an idiot for this but I actually had no idea.

The reason I’m saying this is because I learned that fact while looking up helix tattoos. Loads of people online are absolutely loving what they’re calling a new trend in tattooing, which is tattooing the cartilage of the ears. I’ll admit, when it’s first done, it looks pretty – it’s insta worthy at least. However, there are a few really good reasons why you shouldn’t buy into this (never mind the main reason, which is what tattoo ‘trends’ are normally bullshit anyway and you should just get something cool that you like instead).

Buzzfeed (sorry I know they’re an easy target) posted a page called “We’ve Reached Peak Minimalism With The Helix Tattoo Trend” where they praised these tattoos as being ‘dainty af’ and a ‘minimalist’s dream’, and the comments section really tells a different story. Honestly these people have said it better than I could have anyway:


If you want a tattoo that’s ‘dainty’ or ‘minimalist’, you don’t need to go for trends – there are a lot of options out there and some great tattooers who you can see. Not all tattoos need to be huge, but they don’t need to be so small that they look like crap afterwards, either. Go see a great tattoo shop near you and get something better – you won’t regret it!

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