Barcelona’s Thriving Tattoo Industry

Wow Barcelona, you’re really killing it right now.

I went to Barcelona not too long ago, and while I’ll admit that I went to some pretty touristy places that probably don’t reflect Barcelona as a whole, I felt a bit out of place. In most places I went to, I was pretty heavily tattooed compared to everyone else there. I was even made to cover up my tattoos for one attraction! For someone from Newcastle, this is a weird experience. I knew that there were still some good shops out there, but I definitely didn’t realise how many great shops are appearing in the area at the moment.

One really great place online that’s showcasing just how great Barcelona’s tattoo shops are at the moment is an Instagram page simply called Barcelona Tattoo Community. Daily, I’m seeing some amazing work being put out there and I’m amazed this is coming from a place that gave such a different vibe when I was there. I really want to show some love to some individual shops in the future, but in the meantime please make sure to check out the instagram page, and also the pages for the tattooers below!

Kike Esteras
Rodrigo Kalaka
Josep Canti


Toni Donaire




Leandro Lucas Lopez

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