New Shop: High Bridge Tattoo

Dean Cowley is about to open up a new shop in Newcastle, called High Bridge Tattoo. He’s currently at Triplesix in Sunderland, at least until the 6th of June, and then after a short break (kidding; I’m sure he’ll be busy as hell!) the Newcastle shop will be open on the 1st of July.

If you live in Newcastle you can probably guess where this will be, but here’s a quick location for everyone else:

While I think that this will be a welcome addition to Newcastle for most people, I know that there may still be a few who complain about the amount of tattoo shops in the middle of the city. I don’t think it’s a bad thing when it’s a good shop, and it’s great to see Newcastle as such a fantastic place to get a tattoo at the minute – this definitely adds to it! It’s also great to see a shop space being used for some great tattooing rather than becoming another chain restaurant.

Dean’s work is pretty great, so if you’re wondering why you should get excited below are six good reasons. You can see more of Dean’s work, as well as updates on the shop, by following him here.


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