Stay Strong, Our Kid: The Manchester Tattoo Appeal

By now I am sure you have all heard about the barbaric bombing in Manchester Arena early this week. This is nothing short of disgusting. For the victims and their families, they’re going through enough already without having to think about all of the time they need to take off work, money spent to make them comfortable, or even a funeral. This is why it’s always great when people come together and do their best to help everyone involved.

Sam Barber, a tattooer in Manchester, has had the best idea to raise money. She will be tattooing bees this Sunday, raising £50 for each one, with all proceeds going to the victims. Many others have followed suit, too!

I wanted to wait for some more information before posting this one since people are joining all the time, but I know this will never be 100% up to date as more tattooers are joining even while I’m writing this. So, for the most up to date info, please go here!

Here is a list of tattooers involved that I can see online:

Sam Barber

York Tattoo Studio

Immaculate Chaos Collaborative

John Claude

Ink Candy

Diamond Dozen

Lady Chappelle

Black Cat Ink

Glory Days

Taylor Made

Pierce of Art

Dabs Tattoo


Wolf & Dagger

M.R. Tattoo

Lucky 13

Think Tattoo

Atomic Ink

Lee Devor

Twisted Vision

Luke Naylor

Inkredible Kreations

Marked for Life

It’s totally understandable that some people might not be able to make it to any of these shops, or just might not have a spare £50 at short notice, so you might also be interested in knowing that you can buy a pin for £5 as well, with 100% of the money going to the families, by clicking here!

These IS fucks who hate our society seem to have the idea that the best way to do this is by carrying out acts so disgraceful that they actually bring our society closer together. Good work, morons. Let’s show them how stupid this is by once again coming together and being as strong as all the tough guys in Manchester.


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