Lidia Reyes: Becoming the Most Tattooed Woman

This is nightmare fuel for your mam (mum; mom; etc.) if she doesn’t like your tattoos. Vice posted up an interview with a woman called Lidia Reyes last week, about her quest to become the most tattooed woman in the world. It’s actually quite respectful in the sense that it doesn’t label her as a walking freak show, but I can’t help but feel like it’s not exactly the best advertisement for tattooing.

From the article:

Is getting tattoos addictive?
I remember that during that first session, when I realised that it didn’t hurt, I was already thinking about my next tattoo. I wanted a scorpion – not sure why the hell I couldn’t think of anything besides arachnids. For me, getting a tattoo is one of the best feelings in the world, and I’m happy to admit that I’m addicted to ink – in case you hadn’t noticed. It’s been a while since I last counted them all, but I reckon I have between 260 and 270 tattoos. I haven’t paid for ink in a long time – most pieces I have are collaborations with tattoo artists and friends who want to help me. So there’s sentimental value to many of them, too.

Can you live off being the most tattooed woman in Europe?
It’s complicated. I haven’t been paid for most of the bookings I’ve had so far. That’ll change once I’m recognised by the Guinness Book of Records. I won’t rest until I have that. Ultimately, my goal is to become a public figure through my social media and be visible, show that heavily tattooed people are people too – that we have good hearts and that we love our children.

I feel that some of Lidia’s intentions are actually quite nice, such as how she wants to show tattooed people in a better light, but at the same time trying to make money off being someone who has tattoos isn’t exactly the best business plan in the world. Having the most doesn’t really mean shit if your tattoos are pretty bad, and I’m sorry to say I really think the ones seen in Vice’s photos are bad. Lidia even says herself that her face looks ‘overcrowded’ and is having laser removal at the time of the interview.

I think that we need to let go of the idea that having tattoos is ‘addictive’. It’s not fucking heroin; it’s a picture on your skin. Yeah you might want to have more after you get them, but you also might not, and that’s totally cool either way. Rather than celebrating how many tattoos someone has, let’s actually praise great work by tattooers. If someone said to me I could be covered in bad tattoos, or have one amazing one, I’d go for the one amazing one (and maybe hope it was a body suit).

Either way, you can read more from this interview here. My advice: work hard, get some money, get one great tattoo instead of ten shit ones.


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