A Female Future

I’ve always thought that it’s weird how few tattooers out there are female. Without wanting to stereotype, we’re the ones who are more likely to be changing our appearance, with make up, hair dyes, and everything in between. Of course, there are a lot more males who are doing the same these days (and killing it!) but you’d think that more females would want to do this as a job, especially considering that in America women have been more tattooed than men since 2012.

Vice has a really great piece online at the moment about this very thing, but their focus is on the growing amount of female tattooers! It’s really great to see this as a craft for everyone in places where it was traditionally men who became tattooers. There’s still a long way to go in some ways (women are still under-represented at conventions, for example, which Vice mentions), but it’s great to see more females shine.

From the article:

Sarah Carter used to decline interviews related to being a woman. “My desire was to be treated the same as the guy tattooing next to me and not raise it as an issue,” she says. Sarah once responded to an invitation to participate in an all-woman art show with the sentence, “My pussy has no bearing on my work.” So why did she agree to answer my questions? “Things change,” she explains. “I don’t reject the overall sentiment I used to champion, however, I now find myself in my late 30s, the mother to a two-year-old daughter, married to a strong career man, and I’ve gone through what most creative career women in my position experience: a massive change in circumstance.”

But gender does still seem to have a bearing on how women are represented at tattoo conventions. At a convention I attended in Los Angeles last summer, that 1-in-6 ratio looked like a gross miscalculation. Of the more than 100 artists at the expo, only a few were women. On another convention’s website, of the approximately 300 artists who attended in 2016, only 14 were women (that’s 4%).

This is a really interesting read, and you should check it out in full by clicking here!


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