Cringey Article Alert: The Sun

I just want to start by saying I don’t actually read The Sun – that would just be embarrassing.

Sometimes the mainstream media tries to write about tattooing – we’ve seen some really great things come out of this before, when journalists can be arsed to do their homework. When they get it wrong, though, it can be pretty hilarious.

The Sun published a funny article about elbow tattoos the other day, and it was kind of hilarious:


WARNING: Kids are getting their ELBOWS tattooed! This is such an unusual place to be tattooed! Is this a trend? Should we be worried? Settle down, Sarah Barns. People have been covering their full arms with tattoos for years and years; did you just think we were supposed to leave out our elbows because they hurt a bit? I don’t even think the elbow is the most painful part of the arm.

From the article:

“This can affect the carrying out of your normal activities and limit the work you can get done till such time the tattoo heals.”

Certain designs work better than others, and the experts recommend opting for spider webs, florals and circular patterns.

Earlier this week, we revealed tatt lovers have been busy showing off their knee inkings.

NOT THEIR KNEES AS WELL!! SOMEONE PLEASE STOP THIS! Eugh if you write words like “tatt lovers” and “inkings” you will be working for The Sun for the rest of your life.

Years ago I used to get annoyed when I’d see something like this but now I think it’s funny – if you agree feel free to click here for a read.


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