Fundraiser: Mark Nesmith

You may have heard about this already but I wanted to wait until I knew I had real facts. Mark Nesmith, an apprentice tattooer at the Grizzly Art Collective, has lost his life after being attacked. The details are really awful, and I have no idea how anyone could do something like this, but I just wanted to put something small up today to let you all know that the studio is currently raising money for his family so that he gets the farewell he deserves.

You can donate by clicking here. Huge congratulations to the studio for being so close to their target already.… Read More Fundraiser: Mark Nesmith

A Female Future

I’ve always thought that it’s weird how few tattooers out there are female. Without wanting to stereotype, we’re the ones who are more likely to be changing our appearance, with make up, hair dyes, and everything in between. Of course, there are a lot more males who are doing the same these days (and killing… Read More A Female Future